• Halloween Take on Mimolette with Master Carver Krai

    Turn skeptics into believers.
    WHAT DO YOU GET when you marry the elevated art of Mimolette carving with the festive Halloween spirit? Beautiful and spooky sculptures, of course. Mimolette, a traditional pumpkin-colored French cheese, was recently featured at a four-day pop-up shop hosted by The Cheeses of Europe at The French Cheese Board in Manhattan’s Soho, giving a flavorful spin to this annual carving ritual. More than 2,000 people experienced the spookiness of Mimolette during the pop-up.
    Krai, a renowned master carver trained in traditional Thai fruit-carving techniques, sliced the Mimolette into intricate floral and jack-o’-lantern designs. Krai’s gift for the craft is such that he has even presented his creations to Thailand’s royal family; he later made his way to France to ply his skills at cheese carving.
    A press preview offered a sneak peek at this Halloween affair, featuring aged Mimolette for guests to sample, as well as mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres including a slightly sweet, slightly salty baked Mimolette thimble filled with a rich, luscious fig preserve, a sliver of fresh fig and prosciutto de Parma. Guests imbibed a hand-picked selection of Le Petit Saint-Jacques wines, craft beers and traditional French cider.
    Krai has also starred in a Facebook Live session hosted by TV’s Food Network — which means you won’t have to wait till next Halloween to witness the art of carving.
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